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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

windows 7,8 and 10 laptop is consuming more internet data

If you are getting as such problem then this troubleshooting process will help you a lot.

This problem usually occurred due to different software update going on in laptop 
here are some list of reasons it occur if you are using windows os than please you can use these trouble shooting process.
  •  windows update.
  • installed software update.
  • laptop bundled software given by manufacturer.
  • cloud storage software such as Google drive, team viewer, any other data storage over internet.
  • Due to Anti Virus definition update.
  •    antivirus update.
Now below written steps are following steps by using which you can rid of this problem.
  • You can off your windows update.
for windows update off please follow these process
>> control panel
>>view by large icon
>> windows update
>>on left hand side change setting
>>change window update to never check for update
>> ok

  •  installed software update

       If you have installed software than check which software sync data over internet
Go to setting of that software and off its update .

  • if you have bundelled software with laptop.
                       Go to setting and make update off

    If you are using windows 8

       Than you have to check each and every app tile by right clicking on that and make live tile of.

3.       Off your update of antivirus.

4.       If you are getting lots of add when using data than possibility is there that you have some adware available in your laptop.

 Than use some free ware adware removal or you can uninstall browser and reinstall it
After all above written process you can check your data usage.

                         if still issue remains you can follow below written steps 

1. open command prompt with administrator from the start option.
2. write command netsh stop bits.
3. if still issue you can visit to services of windows and permanently disable the bits(background intelligence transfer service )

Note: after disable the bits services you all automatic background update services will get have to start again this service to do any automatic update.

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