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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Not getting sound from speaker or getting abnormal sound

Not getting sound from speaker or getting abnormal sound

If you get this type of problem first you have to check the speaker option just right hand below the nearby time notification on desktop .

  • If there is a red cross mark then directly do this steps

1.control panel
2. view by large icon
3.device manager on arrow just before sound video and game controller
5. uninstall driver install of sound by right clicking on it
6. restart
7. wait for 5 minutes after restart and check

  • If you are not getting and cross mark then you have to  do

1. right click on the speaker option near time playback device
3. click on speaker option if have green tick mark on it
4.if no tick mark available right click and tick on enable
 5.right click on the option of speaker then enable
 6.again right click select test
7. run test

  • Please note if test provide you audio then your speaker hardware is fine if not solve by above troubleshooting then 

1. update driver software

if above all will not work change your harware

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