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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Windows 10 go back to earlier built option for back to default windows from windows 10

Windows 10 go back to earlier built 

for back to default windows from windows 10

 this is the option user can use to go back to default windows if user facing any issue in windows 10.

In this post windows user will get information related to how to go back from windows 10 if they don't like windows 10 or if they are facing any issue .

First and most of the information you can,t use this option after 30 days of use of windows 10.
steps mention below.

1. Click on the start option.

 fig 1

2. Select Setting option

please see in fig 1

3.Select update and Security option


4.Select recovery Option


5.Select go back to an earlier Built


6.Select Get Started option under ( back to an earlier Built)

please see in fig 4

so at last before start Microsoft ask this question given them information and go back


if still getting issue and want to go back before 30 days please .
go for re installation of windows

if still any information required kindly post on this post
thank you have a nice day!

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